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North London Heat and Power Project: Industry Open Day

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) will be holding an industry open day, in London, for the construction sector on 6 March 2018. This is for companies who want to be part of a project which offers a range of construction activities over approximately the next 10 years. The aim is to build facilities that will enable the sustainable management of waste in North London in the long term.

The construction work will deliver the North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP) at Edmonton EcoPark – a 16 hectare site in the Upper Lee Valley.

This project will provide a vital asset for NLWA, ensuring the ongoing ability to dispose of waste responsibly and cost effectively for many years to come.  Communities in north London will rightly expect that companies engaged in the project should work to the highest standards of health and safety, work as a “good neighbour”, be committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, and play a positive role in skills development of their workforce.

The components of the NLHPP are:

  • an Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), to be located in the north of the site, which will treat up to 700,000 tonnes of residual waste a year and provide enough electricity to power over 127,000 homes, with some energy diverted to supply heat to local homes and businesses via a heat network;
  • a Resource Recovery Facility (RRF), to be located in the south of the site, which is where bulky waste will be separated for recycling, and will also be the location of a recycling centre for the public and businesses from 2021;
  • EcoPark House, located near the River Lee Navigation, which will contain office accommodation and a visitors’ centre where people can find out more about recycling, waste, heat, and power; and
  • demolition and removal of the existing Energy from Waste (EfW) facility, which will reach the end of its operational life around 2025.

The estimated capital costs for the project are some £650M.  In advance of main construction activities, a series of preparatory works will be required to prepare the site, provide new utilities and create new site access points.

Attending the open day

The purpose of the industry open day is to explain in greater detail NLWA’s proposals for the preparatory works so that interested companies can engage as soon as practicable in the plans. Preparatory works are outlined in Table 1.  NLWA will also invite views from the supplier market on the proposed procurement strategy, interfaces between the packages and risk allocations. Procurement of the other packages will be subject to a separate market engagement exercise which will be completed at a later date.

To express your interest in attending please register through the project website at Please be aware that not attending this event does not preclude future engagement in procurement activities.

NLWA will also be keen to hear from the construction industry on ways in which this project can promote innovation, sustainability, and engagement with the local supply chain.  At this stage NLWA is primarily seeking to engage with main contractors.  Potential sub-contractors to these procurements are welcome to submit their company details to if they wish for NLWA to pass them on to main contractors.

Sequencing of procurement

NLWA’s strategy is to sequence construction by developing the preparatory works, then the Resource Recovery Facility and EcoPark House, and then the main Energy Recovery Facility construction, with a view to the latter being operational by the end of 2025.  The anticipated work packages are set out in Table 1.




Work Element



Package description



Approx start of procurement



Approx construction date






Laydown area, and Northern and Eastern Access



Formation of a temporary laydown area to the east of the site (installation of drainage, roads, hardstanding, electrical and water distribution, safety/security systems, etc.)



Q2 2018



Q1 2019 to

Q4 2019



Improvement works to Lee Park Way access and construction of a new eastern access bridge



Utility Bridge and Corridor



Construction of a new utility bridge to south of site, and new utility corridor along Salmon's Brook (civils works), installation of potable water pipework



Q2 2018



Q1 2019 to

Q4 2020



Temporary diversion and reinstatement of medium pressure gas mains



Temporary diversion and reinstatement of 200mm protected water main



Installation of a new medium pressure gas main pipework and construction of a new gas kiosk in the north of the site



Sewer Diversion



Diversion of the Chingford and Angel sewers in the south of the site, including temporary and permanent works, manhole / shaft construction, groundwater control, etc.



Q4 2018



Q3 2019 to

Q2 2020






RRF and northern site clearance



Development of the RRF including weighbridges, roads, hardstanding, earthworks, drainage, landscaping, lighting CCTV and fencing, preparation of the northern area of the site, and replacement ash barn construction

NB: a separate industry engagement will be held for construction of this facility



Q2 2019



Q2 2020 to

Q3/4 2021



Site-wide Works




Site-wide works in the south will include: surface water and foul drainage networks, temporary firefighting systems, telecoms and CCTV cabling, car parking, exterior lighting, fencing



Q2 2019



Q2 2020 to

Q4 2025



Site-wide works in the north will include: surface water and foul drainage networks, temporary firefighting systems, telecoms and CCTV cabling, car parking, exterior lighting, fencing



HV power distribution in south of site, 11kV ring main and associated equipment, cabling and connection points for HV users in south of site



EcoPark House



Development of EcoPark House including piling works, roads, hardstanding, earthworks drainage, landscaping, fencing, lighting



Q2 2019



Q2 2020 to

Q4 2021









Construction and commissioning of the ERF

NB: a separate industry engagement will be held for construction of this facility



Q2 2020



Q2 2022 to

Q4 2025



Decommissioning and Demolition of EfW Facility



Decommissioning, demolition and removal of the existing EfW facility



Q3 2025



Q2 2026 to

Q2 2028



Southern Access Widening



Widening of current southern access bridge



Q4 2025



Q3 2026 to

Q2 2027






UKPN Grid Connection



Installation of two completely new power export circuits, including additional cable length from EfW facility to ERF, onsite cable trenching, switchyard and switch room, switch board and switch yard, interlinking back-feed cabling



 Circa 2022/23



Q1 2023 to

Q4 2024


Table 1: Breakdown of preparatory works packages

Methods of procurement

The procurement of larger value packages will be governed by the Public Contract Regulations 2015.  A Prior Information Notice (PIN) will be published in the Official Journal of the EU in advance of the procurement of the contracts for the RRF, EcoPark House and the ERF. Smaller value contracts below the EU threshold will be advertised directly by NLWA.  NLWA is considering splitting some packages into lots, and industry views on this will also form part of the Authorities’ engagement with the supply chain.

Further information

For further information about the NLHPP project, visit or call 020 8489 3940.