Wise Up To Waste
June 20 2019

Improving air quality in north London

Clean Air Day is an important day for North London Waste Authority (NLWA). We’re working hard to improve air quality in north London by minimising waste, maximising recycling and dealing with the waste that can’t be recycled in the most environmentally-sound way.

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February 20 2019

254 million bread crusts binned each year – worth over £13 million

Save a Crust workshops launched to help households make the most of their loaves 

Across London, 254 million bread crusts are likely to be binned each year as one in four people say they overlook the end slices of loaves. That’s the equivalent of just under 13 million loaves of bread – or over £13 million1 – being thrown away in crusts alone. On average, a household that avoids crusts throws away the equivalent of one and a quarter full loaves of bread a year, according to new research2 released today by North London Waste Authority (NLWA).  

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February 18 2019

An Opportunity to Seize – NLWA Calls for Government to Drive Polluter Pays Principle in Waste Consultations

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is urging engagement in four government consultations to ensure the long-term potential for extending producer responsibility and putting consumers at the heart of the recycling agenda is not missed.

The proposals launched for consultation today (18 February) include extending producer responsibility for packaging by reforming the packaging regulations , introducing a deposit return scheme (DRS) on drinks containers, introducing more consistency in household recycling arrangements, and placing a tax on plastics that don’t contain a minimum amount of recycled content.



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