Wise Up To Waste
October 16 2019

Statement from North London Waste Authority (NLWA) in response to Environment Bill

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Chair of NLWA, said: “In the face of a climate emergency North London Waste Authority welcomes the fact the Government has introduced an Environment Bill to Parliament. This includes measures which NLWA has long been calling for, including introduction of a deposit return scheme to improve recycling of plastic and glass materials, and also measures to increase producers’ responsibility for the recycling and costs of treating their packaging. As the Bill is debated, it will be important for the Government to clarify its aims for progress.


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October 7 2019

Six Small Steps to Reduce your Impact on the Climate

Climate change is rightly at the top of the agenda at the moment. In order to tackle the climate emergency, we’ll have to fundamentally change the way we consume resources. Many of these are changes we can make right now. Here are six ways that you can reduce your impact:

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August 2 2019

Resolving the smell from Hornsey Street Recycling Centre

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is investigating the smell along Eden Grove and George’s Road in the London Borough of Islington and how best to eliminate it. The unpleasant odour that has been reported in the area is originating from the Hornsey Street waste transfer facility, reuse and recycling centre and transport operations associated with waste collection activities.

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July 31 2019

NLWA awards contracts for mixed dry recyclables

NLWA has recently awarded replacement contracts to Biffa Waste Services Ltd and Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd for processing its mixed dry recyclables under a negotiated procurement procedure. The contracts will begin in December 2019.
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