Wise Up To Waste

Statutory duties

North London Waste Authority has the following statutory duties:

  • To arrange the disposal of waste collected by the seven north London boroughs
  • To transport and dispose of waste from north London's reuse and recycling centres
  • To store and dispose of abandoned vehicles

Disposing of household waste

NLWA arranges for the disposal of waste collected by the seven north London boroughs, which is handled through one or more of the following facilities:

  • Edmonton solid waste incineration plant, an energy from waste incinerator located at the Edmonton EcoPark in the London Borough of Enfield
  • Fuel preparation plant, a road transfer station located at the Edmonton EcoPark
  • A bulky waste recycling facility, located at the EcoPark
  • Hendon rail transfer station, located in the London Borough of Barnet
  • Hornsey Street road transfer station, located in the London borough of Islington


Disposing of other types of waste

It is also NLWA's responsibility to arrange for the disposal of the following:

Clinical waste

Clinical waste collected by the seven Boroughs in the Authority area is delivered to the Clinical Centre at the EcoPark and depending on the type of waste, it is then either transferred to the incinerator or sent for specialist disposal elsewhere.


Cement asbestos from households can be deposited at the Hornsey Street Re-use and Recycling Centre, Hornsey Street, London N7 8HU by Appointment only Tel: 020 8884 5645 or email:


Boroughs are directed to deliver tyres to McGrath Ltd in Bow for recycling.

Re-use and Recycling Centres (RRCs)

From April 1 2012, NLWA took responsibility for running a number of the re-use and recycling centres (RRCs) in north London from some of the London borough councils. RRCs provide residents with places to dispose of their household waste and recyclables. They are run by our wholly-owned subsidiary company, LondonEnergy Ltd.

Find out more about more about the centres we run by visiting Wise Up To Waste.

Transporting waste

NLWA also arranges for the transport and disposal of waste from all NLWA and council run Reuse and Recycling Centres within the north London area.

In 2006/07 the Authority disposed of 35,560 tonnes of waste from Reuse and Recycling Centres.

The waste is transported and disposed from the following sites:

  • Summers Lane (Barnet)
  • Regis Road (Camden) (NLWA managed)
  • Barrowell Green (Enfield)
  • Western Road (Haringey)
  • Park View Road (Haringey)
  • Hornsey Street (Islington) (NLWA managed)
  • Kings Road (Waltham Forest)
  • Gateway Road (Waltham Forest) (NLWA managed)
  • South Access Rd (Waltham Forest)

Non-statutory duties

Other services

In addition to its statutory duties, NLWA provides a range of other services. These include providing practical support to north London residents to help them reduce their waste and recycle more. The Authority does this by:

  • promoting waste prevention, reuse and recycling through communications campaigns,
  • supporting residents to waste less and recycle more through outreach work at events and with individual households,
  • providing materials and tools to help and encourage residents to recycle and reuse more and waste less.

The Authority's waste prevention team supports residents through a range of waste prevention and reuse initiatives, focused on the following waste streams:

  • Food waste
  • Furniture
  • Textiles
  • Junk mail
  • Packaging waste

More information about the Authority's work with residents is available at Wise Up To Waste.