Wise Up To Waste

Statement from North London Waste Authority (NLWA) in response to Environment Bill

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Chair of NLWA, said: “In the face of a climate emergency North London Waste Authority welcomes the fact the Government has introduced an Environment Bill to Parliament. This includes measures which NLWA has long been calling for, including introduction of a deposit return scheme to improve recycling of plastic and glass materials, and also measures to increase producers’ responsibility for the recycling and costs of treating their packaging. As the Bill is debated, it will be important for the Government to clarify its aims for progress.


“There needs to be a greater move towards circular economy thinking to help change the way in which we all value and consume resources if we are to effectively tackle the climate emergency and meet public expectations. We therefore urge the Government to carry out the next stages of consultation urgently and make a firm commitment on implementing the resultant policy as soon as possible – without it we cannot hope to deliver the resource-efficient future that is essential to tackling the climate emergency.


“The continued belief in a ‘voluntary’ approach to participation in recycling by households and businesses is clearly not working, nor in a climate emergency setting is such an approach suitable or appropriate. We therefore reiterate our call for recycling to be made compulsory for both households and businesses, with improved enforcement powers made for local councils to secure full and correct participation.”