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Pinkham Way - outline planning application submitted

Jun 01, 2011
The joint outline planning application for the Pinkham Way site was submitted to Haringey Council on 31 May.

Once the application has been checked by Haringey Council to ensure that all the required documentation and plans are present, the formal consultation process will start.

As part of the formal planning process, Haringey Council will publish the details of the application on their website and letters will be sent to local households and businesses, so that local people are made aware of our proposals for the Pinkham Way site.

Haringey Council will hold the next stage of consultation with local people. This will include a public meeting, called a Development Management Forum, where residents can raise issues of concern.  We will attend this meeting, where we will make a further presentation of our plans, listen to the concerns of local residents and businesses, and answer questions.  

Read more about our proposals for the Pinkham Way site.