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Annual Strategy Monitoring Reports

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The North London Joint Waste Strategy (NLJWS) provides the strategic framework for municipal waste management in north London for the period 2004 to 2020. The NLJWS sets out the targets for reducing, reusing and recovering a greater proportion of the municipal waste which is generated in the North London Waste Authority area and for reducing the amount which is sent for disposal to landfill.

We publish an annual strategy monitoring report that monitors our progress towards achieving the aims of the NLJWS. You can view these reports for the years that the strategy has been monitored by clicking the links below:

North London Joint Waste Strategy - annual monitoring reports

Strategy monitoring report 2015/2016

Strategy monitoring report 2014/2015

Strategy monitoring report 2013/2014

Strategy monitoring report 2012/2013 

Strategy monitoring report 2011/2012

Strategy monitoring report 2010/2011

Strategy monitoring report 2009/2010

Strategy monitoring report 2008/2009



More information

Find out more about the North London Joint Waste Strategy by visiting the Authority strategies page.