Wise Up To Waste

Annual reports

NLWA produces an annual report for the Annual General Meeting each June. All the annual reports are available by going to the relevant June meeting webpage and then clicking through to the report. The most recent reports are also available here:

NLWA annual report 2018-19

NLWA annual report 2017-18

NLWA annual report 2016-17

NLWA annual report 2015-16 / 2015-16 annual report - appendix 3

NLWA annual report 2014-15 / appendix to report (updated)

NLWA annual report 2013-14  / NLWA annual report 2013-14 appendix on waste prevention activity

NLWA annual report 2012-13

NLWA annual report 2011-12

In 2015, as an appendix to the interim need assessment for the North London Heat and Power Project, officers also produced  a summary of NLWA's waste prevention and recycling activity over the past three years.

Officers also provide a half year report on contract activity progress in December each year and annually upon organisations which have applied to be registered to receive reuse and recycling credits once a year in February. These additional reports are available by going to the Authority meetings pages and then clicking through to the relevant reports.

The budget and levy for the Authority is set annually in February with progress reported throughout the year. The Authority's annual financial statements are available in a separate section of the website with annual progress against the targets in the joint waste strategy also available on a separate page of the website.