Wise Up To Waste


Reducing waste and making the most of what we have by reusing more and improving recycling are among our key priorities. Our other major challenge is to find the right solutions to managing waste in north London, which will stand the test of time over the next 25 - 35 years. We are looking for sustainable solutions to managing waste, which are more environmentally friendly and significantly reduce our reliance on landfill.

Reducing the amount of waste we all produce before it hits our rubbish bins will make a huge difference and help in our objective of achieving 50% recycling by 2020. With significantly rising landfill costs it will also help save money which can be spent on other key services, vital in the current economic climate.

Do write and tell me about your ideas for how we can reduce waste and improve recycling. By working together we can make a difference.

Cllr Clyde Loakes
Chair, NLWA